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Currently, the saddest thing about my blog is the lack of my updates. Being in my final year at university, it’s hard for me to find spare time to spend on my blog. Every bit of spare time is spent applying to jobs or doing extra reading or preparing for essays/assignments. Additionally, I’ve lucked out this year and I’ve got a house full of such lovely people, so I also find myself socialising with them. This contrasts with how I’ve spent the last 2 years of university sat in my room feeling isolated by my housemates. When it comes round to graduating, I’ll be making a post on my experience at university and what it has taught me about myself.

This post is completely unrelated to that, especially since it was my summer project at home. I’ve never had a make-up “area”; I used to have a small cubby hole in my wardrobe where I would sit on the floor and do my make-up. However, as my make-up collection expanded, I found that this wasn’t enough space and it felt sad that my make-up had to be hidden away. So I decided to buy the Ekby Alex Shelf with Drawers from Ikea and use this to store and display my make-up. 


My muji drawers have been with me from the beginning of my make-up journey (about 4 years ago now!). I have 2 of the 2 wide drawers that are stacked on top of each other. I find these work best for me to fit the majority of my make-up and it also gives me the option to stack products inside. I also have a lipstick holder that holds 24 lipsticks that I purchased from TKMaxx. I use mason jars to hold pencils, eyeliners, lip liners and brushes.


The shelf unit contains 2 drawers. I use the left one for my make-up products and the right one for hair products – that I never took a photo of. The drawer dividers are from TKMaxx, they clip together really nicely and come in a variety of sizes. My drawer mostly contains face products. Primers and lip balms on the far left, then I have my spare z-palette with my depotted blushes/eyeshadows that I don’t reach for much. Under that, I have my sunscreen and next to that holds my foundations and bb creams and next to that are my mascaras.

At the time I took these photos, I thought it was a great idea to show you what each drawer in my muji storage contained. However, looking back at this has made me realise that many items have been removed and there have been many more products added. But, the majority of the items remain the same.


My top drawer is face products, consisting of mainly BB cushions, concealers and powders. BB cushions fit perfectly in these drawers, and it’s a great way to see what products you have. I currently only have 3 BB cushions, although I hope to try out the cover bb cushion by IOPE and I really like the look of Innisfree’s new ampoule intense cushion (cover) and I hope to try that out soon. I’m currently trying out a few concealers with hopes to do a comparison review soon! Especially since I picked up a concealer by H&M and I’ve been really loving that.


This is my 2nd drawer that contains the rest of my face products and eyebrow products. I have my kiko Tri-Bal Soul Baked Blush in Deluxe Coral that is one of my favourite blushes that I own. Along with another kiko blush and a milani rose blush. These aren’t all the blushes I own, I also have depotted mac blushes, makeup geek blushes and depotted benefit blushes in a z-palette. The only highlighter I own is the Becca Champagne pop, I don’t wear highlighter a lot but this is perfect for when I do want that extra glow. I also have the too faced milk chocolate bronzer, which I don’t wear often but I do love. I always love my classic NYX blush in taupe for contouring, although I’ve been reaching more for my Lorac contour palette currently. I have 2 eyebrow gels that I deviate between depending on if I want to just tame my brows or if I want to add extra colour. I also can never live without my Anastasia pomade. I’ll be doing an in depth overview of my eyebrow products soon.


In the 3rd drawer I have my miscellaneous lip products with mostly my liquid lipsticks. I’ve been really into my liquid lipsticks recently and I’ve been trying out a variety of brands to find the formula that works for me. Since this photo was taken, I’ve also tried out Kat Von D and Colourpop. I’ll be doing a comparison review of all my liquid lipsticks soon when I get my hands on Dose of Colors! Although, my current favourites are Girlactik and Stila.


And Finally, we have my miscellaneous eye products of single eyeshadows, eye primers and eye bases. If you can’t tell, I love the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, I’ve melted 2 pencils into a pot since I discovered that they don’t travel very well and the lids break. But I also have 2 pencils spare – just in case? I don’t really wear many of my eye primers, I tend to just use Mac Soft Ochre as a base for my eyeshadows and that helps to keep them put all day long. I’m a big lover of the colourpop eyeshadows and I would recommend them to anyone. Since this photo, I have expanded on my colourpop eyeshadow collection since I love them so much!


This leads me to where we are now, this is what my current make-up area looks like at my university home. It’s slightly different but most of it is the same; besides the added skincare basket since I don’t like to take up too much space in the bathroom so I keep that in my room. I also keep my nail varnishes in this area where I keep those elsewhere when I’m at home.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my make-up collection and I hope you’ve picked up some good tips and tricks on how to store your make-up!

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10 Comments on "My Make up Storage"


OMG, love your vanity and your makeup storage!! Super cute ^_^ So jealous of all your makeup as well~


Love it! I hear ya. It’s hard to find time to blog with school and hw assignments 🙂


I definitely need to get some better storage for my makeup. It’s all kind of shoved away in drawers at the moment which means I spend way too much time rummaging around looking for stuff. Your set-up looks great! x

Kate Louise Blogs


Lovely, very organised I like!


Looking at makeup storage is a massive guilty pleasure for me, and this really made me happy. Sorry that sounds so weird. Anyway, thank you!

becca | beccagiveslove

Laura McCarthy

I have the same acrylic storage! It’s great 🙂

Anything & Everything | Bloglovin’


I’ve been so tempted to buy drawers like this for so long but never imagined they could hold so much – definitely going to look into them again after reading this! x

Viva Epernay | Penhaligon’s Giveaway


I wish I could be as neat and organized as you! ;D This was a lovely post!

Thirteen Thoughts

makeup monster

Your storage is fab, mine is a disgrace!!

Lauren Matthews

Wow, your blog is so pretty and your photography is amazing! Keep up with all of this amazing work!

Lauren |