Colourpop Haul and swatches

Colourpop Haul

Colourpop is an awesome company, that has rarely let me down. Most of my colourpop items have been purchased with the help of many people over at Makeupexchange on Reddit. I would create a post with a list of items I’m after and someone would reply offering their help. They would make the order for […]

Make up Favourites of 2015


This year has been a great year for me in make up. I’ve really got to switch and change my collection to discover the products that I love. I begun to experiment more this year and try new things that branch away from my usual products and that really helped me to find new products […]

Makeup Geek Palette

Makeup Geek Palette

I’ve been in the process of assembling my makeup geek palette for a while. I started off with a few shades to test out if I’d love the formula – I absolutely fell in love with the texture and how easy they are to blend out. They very quickly became one of my favourite eyeshadow […]

My Make up Storage


Currently, the saddest thing about my blog is the lack of my updates. Being in my final year at university, it’s hard for me to find spare time to spend on my blog. Every bit of spare time is spent applying to jobs or doing extra reading or preparing for essays/assignments. Additionally, I’ve lucked out […]