Skincare Favourites of 2015

Although we are now 20 days into 2016, I feel like a post about my skincare favourites of 2015 is slightly late but still appropriate. I do give a pre-warning that I prefer to use asian brands over western brands. Some people are often put off by this fact for numerous of reasons that I fail to understand. I can empathise that the products can be difficult to get ahold of but if you have the patience for international shipping and the motivation to research the products, I can't see why anyone would avoid them. I mainly choose asians brands, since in my opinion, they're 5 steps ahead of us when it comes to skincare. They definitely know what ingredients to use to get the most effective results. Of course, you'll have to bare in mind that although the products may work perfectly for my skin, they may not act the same with your own skin. It's all down to experimentation and this is key for any products from anywhere. Moving on from my justification of using these products, I should go ahead and start talking about my favourites!

LJH Tea tree essence

I’m currently on my 2nd bottle of this and I have 2 extra bottles to use too. I simply cannot live without this essence. I use it once a night after my vitamin C serum. Ever since I’ve started to use this, it’s been a miracle for my acne. My breakouts are very minimal and when I do breakout, I get the impression that this helps to heal them even quicker. It also helps my oiliness throughout the day and since I’ve been using this, I tend to only powder once throughout the day. I have yet to try out their Tea tree mist but I’ve been testing out their cream for the past month and been loving it!

CosRX acne pimple master patches

These acne patches are miracle patches. Whenever I get a pimple, I pop one on before I go to sleep and when I wake up, the size has reduced incredibly. If it has already come to a head, it sucks out all the puss or if I’ve badly popped it myself, it helps to reduce any redness and damage that I’ve done. I also like wearing these throughout the day if I know I’m not leaving the house to crease a barrier so I’m not tempted to pick or touch my acne. Highly recommend these patches. I always have a stash of 5 packages, just in case!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay + ACV

Although this is my only non-asian favourite, this clay mask should be an essential mask for anyone who is oily or acne-prone like myself. This is my perfect skin-detox mask. I tend to use this biweekly or weekly if my skin is extra bad. I mix 1 part clay and 1 part apple cider vinegar (ACV), sometimes I like to add a few drops of tea tree too. It helps to draw out all the impurities in my skin, leaving it so soft and smooth. Any active acne calms down and is instantly reduced. It also helps to instantly reduce my pores as well, sometimes I struggle to even see them after using this. I will be repurchasing this over and over. It’s such a great mask for a very minimum price (especially compared to the ridiculous price of Glam Glow!)

My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask

I could never forget the first time I tried out this mask. I remember leaving it on my face until it was dry and after taking it off, I was so disappointed. My skin felt hydrated but that was it, no brightening effect or anything else that was distinctly different. So, I carried on my routine and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to see a huge difference in my skin! Any major redness was practically invisible and my skin looked so bright and clear. It was hard to believe it! This very instantly became my holy grail sheet mask.

OST C20 serum

I did a lot of research around vitamin C facial serums that contain L-Ascorbic Acid and I was amazed by how effective it was. So I decided to finally try it out and see how it would help me. I went through a period of bad acne for about 2 months and this really helped with healing any scarring. Using a Eumovate cream is also effective here, as well as for eczema treatment. It really helped to improve the texture of my skin too. I definitely see myself using this again in the future if my acne scarring gets bad again.

Are there any skincare products that you’ve been loving this past year?

Sophie Bond

Sophie Bond

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