Sophie Bond

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. was first born in November 2011 and used to be my place to unload and rant. Eventually, university took priority over this and Eselle became dormant. In the summer of 2015, I decided to make a fresh start and opened with a new theme and motive. Eselle is now where I mainly share with you my tips and advice on many skincare and make up products from western and asian brands.

For those curious to know what Eselle means and why I chose it, the name derives from the phonetics of my first and middle name initials; Sophie (es) and Louise (elle). Thus, it’s a personal name for me and I use it often.

I am white-british with very fair skin (Mac NW10). My skin type is oily/dehydrated but I lean more towards combination in the winter. I’m very acne prone, my routine mainly attempts to calm down my acne and brighten my scarring/hyperpigmentation. I also have enlarged pores and I can occasionally be sensitive along my chin and cheek area. Being a student means I’m often trying to get as much bang for my buck as I can. I very strongly believe that spending a lot of money on products is unnecessary, especially when doing research on ingredients and understanding what effect they can have on your skin is most important.

Please contact me through for any questions, queries or partnership opportunities.