BGO Haul + tips for getting sheet masks to the UK

Firstly, sorry for no update in a while, This is my third order through BGO and usually my BGO hauls are a lot larger than this but considering that I am now over the 100 sheet masks mark, I decided to cut down a bit. So far, I’ve been very impressed by BGO, I definitely can’t complain about their prices especially since they’re half the price of other online stores who sell asian sheet masks. But they also sell brands that can be difficult to get my hands on so it’s often quite exciting to try something new. Plus, free shipping is always a bonus, although you must spend 2800 TWD (~£55) so I would recommend doing a joint order if you’re struggling to reach that limit - which can be pretty hard to do. The only down side with using BGO, is that they can take a while to dispatch your items. For this order, because I did a joint order with 4 other people, I spilt the items over 2 orders. I made both orders on September 3rd, one order was shipped on September 9th and arrived September 15th, the other order was shipped on September 15th and arrived September 22nd. So one order took 12 days and the other took 19 days. I’m not sure if this was because BGO wanted my first order to arrive before sending out the second one, but I did think it was a bit strange that the dispatch dates were far apart when I had made the orders on the same day.

Now we can get onto the haul. I’ve had my eye on L’Herboflore masks for a while now, purely because of how cute and pretty their packaging is. So I decided to pick up a few different types to try out. It was hard to find reviews on these, so hopefully I’ll put up a comparison review of the ones I own to help anyone who’s interested in them. I’ve been loving the My Scheming silk masks, so I was curious to see how their regular masks worked out. Although the fit isn’t as good as the silk masks (which fit perfectly like a second skin), I still love how soaked in essence they are and they always give me an amazing effect in the following morning. I thought I’d give you an overview of the masks I’ve picked up and a short mini-review of the ones I’ve tried out:

  • My Scheming Purification conditioning Pore Refining Mask - I had absolutely no expectation for this mask, I purely picked it up because it sounded perfect for my skin. I can't even begin to explain how much I love this mask. I remember the first time I used this mask, I took it off and thought "meh", since I didn't see much of an instant effect on my skin. It wasn't until I woke up the next morning and I couldn't believe my eyes! My skin looked so clear and all my redness was pretty much gone. I really want to pick up another 5 boxes of these. 
  • My Scheming Herbal Acne Mask - I've only used this once so far, so I think I need to use it a few more times to give a accurate review. But so far, I'm content with it, but it hard to make a judgement on it when the Pore Refining mask worked so well in comparison. I don't wake up with clear skin but it defiantly does help with reducing some acne and redness on my face.
  • L'Herboflore Leiocassis Phalaenopsis Mask - The fit of these masks are a little odd, they are defiantly too big for my face which is a rare problem I have but it's kinda annoying to get sheet mask in your hair. But otherwise, I've only tried this out once and I did love the brightening effect it had on my face, it didn't do too much with reducing redness but it definitely made my skin very bright.
  • L'Herboflore Marine Red Algae Mask & Deep Sea Black Pearl Mask - I haven't yet tried these out so I'm curious to see how they're going to work out.
  • L'Herboflore Strawberry Mask - This mask worked annoyingly very similar to the Leiocassis Phalaenopsis mask, which I can't complain much about since they both had very good brightening effects. Maybe when I use them more I'll find a more distinct difference between them, but so far, I feel like it was pretty silly to purchase both. 
  • Daiso Detergent Cleaning for Make up Puff and Sponge - This was dirt cheap and I've heard good things about it as a make up and sponge cleaner so I thought I would give it a go as an alternative to soap + olive oil. It worked very very well for my cushion puffs, which were becoming a pain to clean but this definitely broke down all the make up and brought back the royal blue colour again. I almost couldn't believe it when I used it with my make up brushes, I felt like it cut the cleaning time in half because of how quickly it cleaned my brushes. The only down side was that my brushes felt more dry than usual, so I might still use olive oil when washing my brushes to condition them and keep them soft.

I’m really excited to try out these masks more and hopefully I’ll be making a better in-depth review in the future.

I wanted to give some tips to those who are in the UK who have been after some Asian sheet masks but not too sure on where to start. I think BGO is a good place to start for mainly Taiwanese brands and after ordering from them 3 times, I feel like I can confidently recommend them as a company. I would suggest a few things:

  • Order in a group - this will make reaching the free shipping limit a lot easier so you're not overloaded with masks. Also, doing it in a group gives you the option to swap out and try masks before dedicating to a box of 5 or 10 (I did this with the L'Herboflore masks).
  • Ask them to mark it as a gift and put a lower value on the customs labels - I've asked them to do this with every single one of my orders and I haven't been hit by a customs charge. There's a box under where you put your address labeled as "訂 單 備 註" (Order Remarks), this is where I make this request.
  • Turn on auto-translate - I use chrome so I'm not too sure if this is an option in other browsers, but if you can do this, it will definitely make navigating the website so much easier (unless you're fluent in Chinese). I would also not bother using their currency converter, it's only a slightly estimate, you might as well use the built in currency converter in Google to give you a better estimate of how much everything will convert to.
  • Parcel Force will be delivering your parcel, not Royal Mail - this is something I wish I had known when I first made an order, simply because Parcel Force delivers way quicker than Royal Mail and it was quite a shock when it arrives a day after arriving in the UK. They also deliver at different times of the day, which can be annoying for some people.

If you have any other questions about ordering through BGO, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. Although, I’ve been hooked on Taiwanese brand masks (mainly because they don’t contain alcohol), I tend to either order a few Korean sheet masks when I do orders through RoseRoseShop or Jolse or Yesstyle. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of these companies, so I would highly recommend them too! I’ve also never had a problem with customs charges as well (so far).


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