Empties – Beauty Favorites I’ve used up

I don’t know about you guys but I’m a huge fan of empties videos and blogs. It’s a great way to hear someones true and final opinion on a product. Especially since using up a product takes time and dedication. I’ve had many products that I’ve sold or passed on, so these products deserve an honorable mention. I guess it was time for me to collect up my empties (or almost empties) and share my thoughts.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

I didn’t want this concealer to ever end. A few months ago, I found out the trick to take out the plastic stopper so you can dispense more product - perfect, it lives for a little longer! Now, I miss it. But I have a lot of concealers in my drawer that I should probably use up before repurchasing. I’m always driven back to this concealer since it covers so well and on me, I don’t think it’s cakey at all. I mostly used this under my eyes since it was sometimes too light to cover up any blemishes. It worked wonderfully, didn’t crease and makes me look 10 times more awake. This is a concealer that is worth the hype for sure. I’m currently trying out the NYX HD concealer to see how it compares as a dupe - so far I’m impressed.

Price? £22.50 at Asos Repurchase? Yes - in the future Duration? would frequently switch it out with other concealers, but lasted ~14 months

Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Waterproof Mascara

I’ll keep this short and sweet since I did talk about recently it in my current favourties post. This is an awesome mascara and does everything I need it to - volumize and separate! I will probably be finding myself go back to this time and time again. It’s also a wonderful waterproof formula that stays on my eyes all day with no transferring.

Price? £8.90 at Kiko Repurchase? Yes - picked up 2 back ups when it was on sale! Duration? used as a primary mascara for ~4 months

Empties review of maybelline matte + poreless powder, Benefit porefessional and NYX micro brow pencil.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Powder in 100 Translucent

I spoke about this (alongside the NYX Micro Brow pencil) in a favourites blog a while back, where I spoke about it being a good dupe for the Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder. When it came down to it, I never went back to the Too Faced powder and I stuck to using this religiously. It keeps my skin matte and poreless all day and I find myself staying matte too. I was really hoping that the UK was going to release this with the the matte & poreless foundation, unfortunately, they didn’t. But luckily I have another 2 on their way from America, so I won’t be saying goodbye to this product completely. I also tried out other powders but I always found myself running back to this.

Price? £8.47 at Amazon Repurchase? Yes - already have! Duration? ~12-18 months?

NYX Micro brow pencil in Ash Brown

I previously mentioned that I chose to try this out over the ABH brow wiz. No regrets of course. I love it and it makes doing my brows so much quicker and easier. I do go back to my ABH dipbrow here and then if I want a more cleaner looking brow. I also sometimes mix the 2 products together by using this in the front of my brow and the dipbrow for the end. It’s key to keep in mind that I used my first micro brow pencil in about 2-3 months since it very quickly became my primary brow product, but this one lasted a little longer since I kept switching it between other products I was trying out. I’m glad NYX is now available in Boots around the UK, so it’s much easier to get my hands on this.

Price? £7 at Boots Repurchase? Yes - already have! Duration? ~6 Months

Benefit Porefessional

I honestly can’t remember when I purchased this, I know it was when I first started to really get into makeup and the porefessional was highly spoken about (it still is!). I’m pretty lazy when it comes to primers, I know they’re a great product that should always be applied but it’s a step I find myself skipping a lot. This was a product I was holding onto for too long and I knew I had to use it up very soon, so I ended up making sure that I would use it whenever I did my makeup. It is great and I can understand why it’s a cult product. It minimises pores, smooths out skin and creates a perfect base for your makeup to sit on all day. It didn’t particularly blow me away but I don’t really have any other primers to compare it to. I’m currently on the hunt to try out more primers since forcing myself to use it did help me understand why you should use a primer - any recommendations?

Price? £24.50 at Boots Repurchase? Maybe. Duration? Years.

Empties review of Laneige pore control bb cushion

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control in No. 13

If anyone was to ask me; out of all the makeup cushions I’ve tried, which is my favourite? This one would be my answer hands down. Bearing in mind, that I have yet to try the oh-so-famous IOPE Air Cushion (I hope to soon!). For me, this BB cushion does everything I want it to. It gives me amazing coverage that feels lightweight on my skin while hiding my pores too. Super easy to apply and it lasts all day with minimal touch ups. I will always continue to repurchase this when I’m in need of a cushion. The most annoying thing is that it’s hard to find cheap refills, so it usually works out cheaper to buy the whole product again (that includes 2 refills) and throw out the old packaging.

Price? £32.90 at yesstyle Repurchase? Yes Duration? 2 refills lasted ~1 year

Empties review of Mizon AHA 8% peeling serum, HolySnails Shark sauce, CosRX low pH cleanser

Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum

This is the 2nd bottle I’ve owned of this and as an AHA exfoliator, it did it’s job well for me. I struggle with PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation) after acne, so I am always looking for something to help fade them fast. I could tell it improved the quality of my skin but I didn’t think it helped disappear my acne scarring completely. Nevertheless, I really loved the packaging, it works as a dropper to pick up and dispense the product. The reason I probably won’t be buying this again is because when I stopped using it and tried out the OST C20 serum, I found that using vitamin C as an exfoliator for my PIH worked a lot better and had more benefits than using an AHA. Also, I believe this is now discontinued and difficult to get hold of anyway.

Repurchase? Probably not Duration? on and off usage over 1 year

HolySnails Shark Sauce

I was lucky enough to get sent this by the lovely Chel over at HolySnails because I helped her design the packaging. This is another product for PIH and it worked incredibly at reducing any sort of acne scarring, it also helped with healing my acne as well. I loved that it brightened my skin and hydrated it very well too. I think this would’ve worked really well as a light moisturiser for me in the summer, but I didn’t get a chance to try that out. It’s a wonderful, soothing product that I would repurchase if I had the money for it - and once I do, it’ll be in my shopping cart. It’s always a bonus to support smaller skincare companies who use amazing ingredients and made by someone who really does know their stuff about skincare.

Price? £22 at HolySnails Repurchase? Yes! Duration? ~7 months

CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 150ml

Once again, this is another product where this is already my 2nd empty bottle. Having a low pH cleanser is key to my skincare routine since high pH cleansers damage the skin’s natural defense barrier against all the bad bacteria, so this would result in acne, sensitivity and other skin problems. This cleanser is by far the best cleanser I’ve used, it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. There’s even some hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients that contribute to soothing the skin! I love the tea tree scent too. Although, this can be used as a single-step cleanser, I haven’t ever used it for that simply because I get a deeper cleanse when I remove my sunscreen and makeup seperately.

Price? £7.12 at ebay  Repurchase? Yes! Duration? ~6 months

It’s an awesome and sad feeling to use up a product, but it’s always nice to reflect on whether that product was worth using in the end. Reflecting on my recent empties, it’s nice to know what products I can rely on and what products didn’t really work out for me. Sometimes it’s nice to try out and test new products, but sometimes those that have proven well to me will always come out on top! What products have you been consistently using recently? Do you have any products that are or close to being empty?

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