Kiko Haul, Swatches & First Impressions

I found myself on a late Saturday night browsing the Kiko website and, because I’m a sucker for rose gold packaging, I instantly fell in love with their Rebel Romantic Limited Edition Collection. Well, being completely honest here, I’m always a sucker for any Kiko Limited Edition collection packaging. They always manage to bring out amazing collections paired with beautiful packaging, that always draw me in to try out. I only discovered Kiko last year when visiting the store on Regents Street in London, it was like walking into heaven. There’s just rows and rows of lipsticks, foundations and so much make up! It was a huge mistake when they opened up a store 10 minutes away from my student house, it was very hard to resist the temptation when I hear they’ve released a new collection and all I want to do is put my books down and buy everything! Since, I’m currently home for summer, kiko is no longer 10 minutes away.  When I was looking through the Rebel Romantic collection and I saw so many products that I wanted, I was kinda saddened that I couldn’t pop down to the store and pick them up. That was until I noticed they had a free express shipping promotion on, so without much hesitation, I placed my order. I couldn’t find many swatches or reviews (in English) online so I felt like I was buying the products blind.

Now, here’s where the angry UPS story comes to play. When I had got my tracking information, I was told my parcel was going to be delivered on Thursday. I was firstly kinda annoyed since delivery time was 2-4 days and I was hoping it would be delivered on the 2nd or 3rd day since these were days that I was free to sign for the package. I wasn’t available on Thursday so I chose to get the package delivered to a local UPS collection point. When I got home on Thursday and checked the tracking information, the parcel hadn’t been delivered to the collection point yet and the status was “exception”. I had no idea what this meant, but I ignored it and changed the delivery to be delivered back to my house - thinking that this wouldn’t be much of a problem. It gets to 7-8pm and nothing has shown up yet, I check the tracking again and see that it’s going to be delivered the next day, so I had to frustratingly change it to be delivered on the following tuesday, since I knew I wouldn’t be in until then.  Tuesday arrives and I’m sat in all day waiting for the parcel to arrive, the tracking information says “exception” again but I still had no idea what this meant. Gets to 7-8pm again and nothing has shown up. I check the tracking information and it tells me that the receiver wasn’t in at time of delivery and they’ve been notified. Erm, what?! I check my letter box, no note through my door, I check my emails, no email. I hadn’t been notified about anything and I had been in all day ready to sign for this parcel. So, I go back to check the tracking information again and it says it’s going to be delivered the following day, luckily I was going to be in again but unluckily I had to sit around in the house waiting for this parcel. It did finally arrive, the delivery man gave some mediocre excuse as to why it wasn’t delivered the previous day. So, all in all, I love Kiko but their choice of delivery service is disappointing and puts me off from ordering online.

Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipstick 01, Rebel Bouncy Blush 01 & Metallic Shine Eyeshadow 01

With that rant over, I can now get to the exciting swatches and first impressions part.

Intensely Lavish Lipstick - 01 Lusty Peony (£6.90)

Being the lipstick junkie that I am, as soon as I saw the beautiful, rose-gold, cylindrical packaging, I knew I needed to have one. I didn’t want to go too crazy for them since they are described as a “Creamy lipstick with an intense and bright colour” and I tend to prefer matte over creamy formulas. However, I tried this out today and it wears so comfortably on the lips, it’s a very soft and creamy finish. I was worried it would be too shiny on the lips, but it just has a nice sheen to it. It’s not very long lasting, but I didn’t expect it to be. The colour shows up more pink on the lips compared to the swatch above, where it appears more red toned. Not to forget the packaging, the lovely detail on the side was a really nice touch and the lid is a magnetic close, which is so weirdly satisfying for me. I think I would like to try out more shades of these lipsticks, hopefully I’ll be able to swatch them in store soon.

Rebel Bouncy Blush - 01 Velvety Peach (£9.90)

When I first saw this blush I became very intrigued, it kinda reminded me of the cushion blushers by Iope but it’s very different from that. The texture of the blush isn’t quite a powder but it’s not quite a cream either - it’s pretty hard to explain. The finish it leaves on the skin is lovely subtle, soft and natural, so I can see myself using this a lot in my everyday make up. This product definitely works better when applied with fingers and then blended out with a brush but maybe with further experimentation, this may change.

Metallic shine eyeshadow - 01 Superb Beige (£6.90)

Out of all the products I received, this was definitely the most disappointing. The colour payoff was very poor on my skin tone and I felt like the pigmentation was lacking incredibly. In the pan, the colour is so lovely and there’s a very gorgeous pearlescent shine to it, but this doesn’t transfer very well when applied. I attempted to work with this product over NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, hoping that this would help bring out the colour and finish further. Although, this did work better than applying it on it’s own, I’m still not amazed by this product.

Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in 200 & 211

Smart Lip Pencil - 700 Light Sienna & 711 Light Plum (£1.20)

I’ve previously tried Kiko’s Precision Lip Pencil and the Automatic Precision Lip Pencil; these have never failed to disappoint me and the quality is easily comparable to Mac lip liners. I didn’t have my hopes set high for the Smart Lip Pencils since these seemed to be the cheaper, more affordable products. But these work perfectly for me, they’re very creamy on the lips and don’t tug or pull when applied. I definitely want to pick up more shades of these especially at such a good price (although, they are now back at full price, £2.50). I’m happy that I picked out shades that I didn’t already own dupes for in my collection. 711 light plum is the perfect plum shade and I can see this pairing up with Mac Rebel perfectly in the autumn months. 700 light sienna is a lovely nude brown shade and I’m pretty curious to see how this will look under Mac Velvet Teddy and Maybelline Nude Embrace.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my first impressions and helped you out if you’ve also been tempted by this gorgeous collection! Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up more items from this collection soon since so far, I’ve been moderately impressed.

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