LJH Mineral in Cushion Review

I only recently discovered cushion foundations a few months ago. I very distinctly remember pressing the royal blue puff into the cushion and then applying it to my face, I then proceeded to say “wow”. What I love most about cushion foundations is their ease of application and how they blend out so seamlessly to create a light, natural look. I think cushion foundations may seem unusual to some people, especially since they are only slowing being introduced in western brands. But I think soon enough, it’ll be an essential item in everyone’s make up collection.

I received the LJH Mineral-in cushion last week to try out. Their cushion is a fairly new release and I haven’t heard anything about it yet. After being very impressed with their tea tree essence, I was curious to see what their cushion would be like.

After some searching around for some information of this product, I find this:

The special point about LJH mineral in cushion is that it contains biomimetic water instead of regular water for providing deep moisturizing and nutrition to the skin Thus, skin is cared from its very base level, making it look more natural and flawless

I very quickly became interested in this “biomimetic water” and how this would look on my skin. Especially since it gives deep moisturisation, which gives me the impression that this is going to be perfect for my skin in winter months, where my usually oily skin can turn slightly dry due to the cold British weather.


Sometimes I don’t pay much attention to packaging but he packaging of the LJH cushion really stood out to me. Firstly, the outer case is very well made, I feel confident traveling with this since it gives me the impression that it won’t break easily. The top lid is a lovely, white, soft matte plastic with a spot gloss coating “Lee Jiham Dr+s care”, I think this a really nice design touch which is very simplistic. It doesn’t throw the company’s name in your face.


What especially stood out to me is how securely and tightly locked in the actual cushion was, so I don’t need to worry about it drying out. Something unusual that I noticed with the cushion is that it comes with a beige puff rather than the usual royal blue puff, I’m not too sure if there’s any difference between them but so far I’ve found that this puff works just as well as the other puffs I’ve used.


When initially opening up the cushion and removing the plastic seal, I was pretty surprised that you don’t see much product on the actual cushion itself. I’ve noticed that usually the cushion is completely soaked through in the product. However, this was easily solved when pressing the cushion a few times with the puff. Another thing that amazed me with the cushion, is that it’s slightly domed and I get the impression that because of this, when pushing down to deposit product onto the puff it seems so effortless to get the right amount of product I need. Because of this, when shutting the cushion lid, some product transfers onto. This doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s just a shame to get this part dirty and waste that small amount of product.



Now onto something that most people are here for; my opinion on the product itself. After searching around, I couldn’t find anything about the claims of the product besides “providing deep moisturizing and nutrition to the skin” and making skin “look more natural and flawless”. My skin is currently oily so, it’s hard for me to tell if it’s adding any moisture to my skin but I know it’s definitely not making my skin feel dry. It also has a natural, light dewy finish to the skin, that doesn’t amplify my skin to make it look oilier.

I definitely agree that it makes my skin look more natural and flawless. I would say the coverage of this cushion is medium to high; it covers up redness very well, but I still need to conceal over some hyper pigmentation. It doesn’t help cover up any pores, so I tend to use Benefit’s porefessional to help in those areas and this helps to enhance the flawless appearance. I would agree that it does make the skin look more natural and I’ve never found that it looks too “cakey” on the skin even if I use powder (Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact) to set it. So far, I’ve found that the longitivtiy of this product is pretty good. After about 6-7 hours, I noticed a small bit of patchiness and fading around my chin and cheek areas. But the good thing about cushions (especially this one!) is that it was easy to layer more on top without creating that cakey look.

I was some-what disappointed with the shade range there was, but I always am with Asian products because they’re usually limited to about 2-4 shades. Especially when you compare that to most Western brands, it’s kinda a pain when you love the product but it’s not quite the right shade for you skin tone. I use the shade #21, which is the lightest shade and I have a very fair skintone (usually Mac NW10). So, for my skin the shade is a very close match to my skin tone but it can look slightly too pink on me, however, when I blend it out you can’t really notice. I can get away with this shade but it’s not the perfect match for me; which is a real shame. 

Swatches Top to bottom: LJH Mineral in cushion in #21, Laneige Pore control cushion in #13 & Innisfree Long-wear cushion in #13

When looking at how the shade compares to the other 2 cushions I own; it definitely is a lot more on the pink/beige side. The Innisfree cushion is very yellow-toned, which I don’t mind since it helps to correct any redness on my face. Whereas, the Laneige cushion is slightly yellow-toned but more of a true beige colour and I would say this is the cushion that matches my skin the most.


I do think this is an awesome cushion and the finish it leaves on the skin definitely is flawless and natural, which I love! However, part of me thinks the price is a lot for what it is and it doesn’t include any free refills. It’s hard for me to decide if this is actually worth the price since it has to be the best cushion I’ve tried so far. But another thing that really bugs me is the shade range and if it actually had a better variety of shades, I would be more drawn towards it.


  • Natural and flawless finish - slightly dewy
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect for winter weather
  • Doesn't look cakey
  • Good for all skin types
  • Strong, sturdy packaging


  • Pricey
  • White packaging gets dirty easily
  • Doesn't cover/blur large pores - use a primer!
  • Limited shade range


The Silk Rose were kind enough to let me host my own giveaway! The cushion retails for US$48/£31 but they will be selling it for £28; if you pre-order it through them in the first week, you’ll be getting 15% off! That’s such an awesome deal!

Onto the giveaway details. unfortunately, I'm only able to host this to UK and EU residents only - sorry to my other international readers! If you are under the age of 18, please get your guardians permission beforehand, since I will be asking for your address. There are a few compulsory things I would like you do you to do to enter; Subscribe to The Silk Rose's newsletters and follow Esellee and The Silk Rose on Instagram. Good luck!

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