Makeup Geek Palette

I’ve been in the process of assembling my makeup geek palette for a while. I started off with a few shades to test out if I’d love the formula - I absolutely fell in love with the texture and how easy they are to blend out. They very quickly became one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas. However, the access to Makeup Geek products in the UK is limited, I would buy a few shades here and there from makeupaddiction and depop, but it was pretty hit and miss on what shades I could get. I didn’t really want to buy them overpriced either since they are only ~$6 on their website. I avoided buying them directly from their website since I didn’t want to be fit by a hideous customs fee.

For a while I only had 9 eyeshadows; shimma shimma, starry eyed, in the spotlight, beaches & cream, peach smoothie, crème brulee, latte, taupe nouch & moondust. They were a great combination, however I didn’t have a deep shade and I always found myself having to use other palettes alongside it. I also found that I didn’t really get much use of out taupe nouch & moondust (so I ended up selling them on). But I loved the quality of the eyeshadows so much and they’re definitely joint best eyeshadows with Lorac. In the end, I ended up contacting someone in the US through reddit to help me get a haul together with makeup only available in the US. I also bought some makeup from Colourpop, Sephora and Ulta - I may do a haul post soon! I was originally debating on adding to my own Makeup Geek palette or to buy the Lorac mega pro 2 since I love my Lorac mega pro 1 so much. I’m glad I went with Makeup Geek.

Makeup Geek Palette

So this is what I went for in the end. I'm definitely glad I went for more deeper shades (cherry cola, bitten, mocha, americano & corrupt), they're been working really well to deepen up my crease area. I also wanted to pick up some extra foiled eyeshadows (whimsical, starry eyed, in the spotlight, grandstand, mesmerized), I love the pigmentation of these foiled eyeshadow. These have been my go-to lid shades, I wear starry eyed on a daily basis! Beaches & cream has been a shade that I use every day as my perfect transition shade (This is the first eyeshadow I've ever hit pan on!) - I definitely recommend it for my fair skinned girls!

I really do recommend building your own makeup geek eyeshadow palette. I felt like I had a lot of fun picking out the shades and it's nice to know that I'm actually going to get some use out of every single shadow in the palette. So when I think about it that way, I really do think it's worth the money. Plus the quality of these shadows are to die for! So buttery, so creamy, and they blend out so seamlessly. I'm really excited to create lots of looks using this palette! For my UK readers, you can actually buy these from beautybay now.

Have you ever created your own eyeshadow palette?

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